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Pantone Plastics System
The Pantone Plastics System was developed to help professionals specify colors who work with plastic materials and products.
The Pantone Plastics System is available in two formats: Plastics Opaque Selector 3 Book Set (PBQ 100) consisting of 1005 color choices or the Plastics Transparent 2 Book Set (PBT 100) with 735 colors. The two are available in a package: Pantone PPTQ100 Color System-opaque,transparent Selectors 
The Pantone Plastics System makes it easier for everyone working with plastic products and materials to achieve consistent color. If a particular color is desired, a color number from the opaque or transparent system can be communicated to someone who also has the system or a color chip can be ordered (either opaque or transparent) and sent to the manufacturer, designer, etc. to be able to get the same color result anywhere in the world.




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