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Pantone Graphics System
The Pantone Graphics Colors known as the “Pantone Matching System” or “PMS” Colors was developed as a way to have color standards for people working with color on paper: either the paper itself or the graphics, artwork or print designs that appear on all types of paper, print, packaging, wall coverings, and paper goods plus web, video and other applications.
All of the 1677 chromatically arranged PMS colors in the various Pantone Graphic books are offered in the same ink colors shown on coated and uncoated paper. The reason for this is that when the same ink color is applied to coated paper which is shiny, light reflects off of the paper and changes how the color appears. If the same ink color is applied to uncoated paper which has no shine, the light is absorbed and this too changes how our eye views the color.
There are graphic specialty color books: Pastels (154 colors) and Neons (56 colors), Premium Metallics (300 colors), Lustrous Metallics (301 colors) and a Skin Tone Guide (110 colors.) In addition, there are CMYK coated & uncoated color guides (2868 colors) chromatically arranged for use in four-color process and digital printing.
The Color Manager software is a download that when purchased gives access to the 11,000 colors that are in all of the Graphic Color books above and the Pantone Textile System for Fashion and Home. This software allows access to the Pantone colors to enable designs done on computer to be filled in with the colors chosen from a Pantone book on work created for paper, fabric or digital projects to appear in artwork on your screen in as close a possible an iteration to the books as can be achieved on computer.




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