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Pantone Fashion & Home
Pantone Fashion and Home is a color communication system that was developed by Pantone to assist people working with fabrics to achieve the precise same color every time they design or manufacture something in textiles via 2100 colors, each chromatically arranged and available in a variety of formats to meet different needs and budgets.
The most exact way to look at the way color will look on fabric is to purchase one of the books that have dyed cotton swatches of color and that utilize a numbering system with a 6-digit number and TCX at the end (Textile Cotton.)

The Pantone Cotton Swatch Library, Pantone Cotton Swatch Case, Pantone Cotton Planner and Pantone Cotton Passport all have real dyed cotton fabric in 2100 colors, each in a different format and swatch size. Also available are individual 4”x4” fabric swatches (the fabric is folded and measures 4”x8” when open and is attached to a card identifying the color number and name.)
The Cotton Swatch Library is larger in size, swatches are large enough to work with and are more of an investment to purchase, and best to use on site; the Cotton Swatch Case is somewhat portable and offers nice size swatches too; the Cotton Planner has 1”x1” swatches and is very useful when ordering the larger 4”x4” Textile Swatches. The Cotton Passport is the most economical way to own the 2100 colors in the Textile System on actual cotton; swatches are ¼” x ½”. It is also very lightweight and portable with an accordion style display to view all the colors at once when opened, at a glance.
The other way to purchase the Pantone Textile System of 2100 colors is on paper where the numbering system consists of 6-digit numbers ending in TPX (Textile Paper) that show how colors appear as dyes on fabric. They resemble the books on cotton but are shown on paper.
The Pantone Fashion & Home Color Specifier has six 1”x1” perforated tear-out samples of each color with seven different colors per page. The Pantone Fashion & Home Color Guide has one strip for each color, seven colors per page and is organized in a fan style that is great to work because you can view several colors at once. The Textile Specifier and Guide are available as a money saving package.
The Pantone Fashion & Home Specifier & Guide work well for those needing a more cost effective way to own the Pantone Textile System. Sometimes, this is also the best option for those working in textiles; although they are on paper (not on cotton) they are intended to represent as closely as possible how color would look like on fabric. TPX colors may work better for those who produce leather, PVC or other man-made materials.
There is also the Pantone Nylon Brights which is not a part of the 2100 colors of the above Textile System. This is a set of 24 Nylon colors offered in 2”x4’ fabric strips held together by a key ring. This is great for people who want to achieve those really bright or neon colors on synthetic materials.





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