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Ready Made Spot Florals 1950s-1990s  
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This is another beautiful design book from the exceptional series of fabric print volumes from Readymade Studio. This is the first of two books that focuses on floral prints of the twentieth century that are grouped by decade; this volume will cover the second half from 1950’s through the 1990’s.

There are 321 floral print designs grouped into 5 topics with between 61-67 designs in each and all of the prints are in full color and repeat in 300 dpi high resolution. This magnificent book depicts a multitude of new floral designs that capture the essence of a certain decade while at the same time injecting a modern aesthetic and appeal. The use of these prints is multi-faceted and has application for apparel: shirts, blouses, skirts, dresses, accessories; interior design: wall coverings, floor coverings, bed linens, table cloths, draperies, gift-wrap and more.

All designs are color reduced and tailored to fabric widths; they are on removable pages for easy use. A DVD-Rom is included that is useable for both PC and MAC with tif-files (no layers or vector files) universally useable for all software and imp-files for TexDesign users; all designs are royalty-free.

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