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Chiron Colori - Color Forecast (Italy)  
Frequency 2x/yr. Feb, Sep
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Sample Pages
Chiron Colori provides you with an early prediction of the color trends for both women's and men's wear, presented through 6 sophisticated and inspirational design themes The colors are shown in a variety of different ways starting with generously sized paper stripes plus custom dyed fabrics swatches, with extra material to work with for developing concepts and color combinations. Each color theme is accompanied by 15 different color combinations, which also indicate the color proportions as well as the characteristic features of the color compositions. The color combinations are created by using colors from the various other themes of the book, thereby demonstrating the great compatibility of the seasonal themes shown. 81 pages, 16,5 x 21 cm, 6 color groups, each with 5 colors presented on 47 square centimeters of paper and 62 square centimeters of cotton, plus 90 multi-color combinations presented on paper.





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