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Ready Made Pattern - Trend Forecast  
Frequency 2x/yr. Jan, Jul
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ready-made pattern is a seasonal forecast for print & pattern design which is accordingly arranged to the themes of ready-made color and contains 222 royalty-free 2-dimensional designs.

With its textile focus this book is of special use for weaver, printer, garment manufacturer, trading companies and interior designer. Moreover ready-made pattern is of interest for all persons like packaging or multimedia designer or companies with a need of or an interest in 2-dimensional designs.

ready-made pattern summarized:
• 264 royalty-free designs. 227 printed and 37 woven designs.
• all designs as pixel- and vector version
• arranged by 8 fashion/color-themes presented in one main color and two additional colors with the respective Pantone®-reference
• additional inspirational photos & keywords for all themes
• each design as full repeat and with some technical data
• DVD-ROM with all designs as *.tif- and *.ai-files, saved as a single perfect repeat
• additionally tdi- and tdw-files for TexDesign- and TexCheck®-user

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